Friday, March 14, 2014

Another top completed

I now have 3 tops awaiting quilting, plus one out to be quilted for Quilts of Valor!  For this latest top, I really needed to push myself since the "vision" I had in  my head when I started just was not coming out in fabric!

I decided to add the partial blocks that I originally intended, even though I had lost my enthusiasm for this scrap quilt. I am happy I did, even though I had to push myself to "do the right thing"   I knew I would regret it if I quilted this up without completing my original plan. I still think this one may be a donation quilt once it is done, and it may serve as my first attempt at renting the Longarm at my local sew and vac store. It will help me learn and eventually will hopefully make someone happy and warm!

And today I caved.... Yep, I started a new project with some scraps from the leftover strips and some added fabrics. Here is my new project- a classic patchwork checkerboard that I intend to make into a simple 18" pillow cover.

This one will go into my Etsy shop. I have only ever put one other item on Etsy, an improv pillow made with Grinch Christmas fabrics. What a thrill when somebody actually bought it! Hoping this gets snapped up for a new baby boy or a soft blue and green room someplace!

Happy sewing,

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