Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Improv in Progress

I am in the process of moving my sewing area out of my dining room and into the basement. The space down there is smaller, but I got tired of having the constant mess of fabric, scraps and projects visible from my front door!  I will miss the little bit of natural light upstairs, but the benefits to setting up there should outweigh the loss of a window... at least I hope.

So, as usually happens when I start moving fabric and boxes containing old projects, I got inspired. Some fabrics I purchased from the "Edges Collection" by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller were sitting in a stack and I had to play...

This is small - the center striped square is only 2". As you can see, I am taking my time and testing out colors and textures on a little portable design board before I cut and sew too much. It's interesting to quilt by "feel" as I am usually a planner. 

I use my computer a lot to test out colors and patterns before I cut! I would love it if this could turn out to be a piece of wall art for my husband's office, which is begging for a splash of color and a little bit of a modern touch.  A big teal wall in the conference room would be the perfect spot for a one-of-a-kind art piece - but that wall is HUGE. Maybe three coordinating pieces? 

We'll see how she goes.

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