Monday, August 5, 2013

A Bandwagon quilt

Shortly after attending Quilt Camp in Michigan last December, the Scrappy Trips sensation hit the web. I did not jump in immediately, but slowly I started thinking about making one of these as a simple sort of project. Kinda something to work on when I was bored or stuck with another project.  I was able to get two moda scrap bags of the Clermont Farms line, which I believe is an older line. This is where I stopped before I had my surgery on July 11th:

I have 6 blocks to finish up to make this the size I intended. (30 blocks total). I added some additional fabrics to what I had to be able to enlarge the quilt size. I added all of the gold fabrics, which I think gives the quilt a bit of a bright pop every so often. The 6 remaining blocks each require only 5 seams to be completed. 

Since the surgery I have sewn 1 block. I hope that by the end of the month I can complete the rest and sew the top together once the kids go back to school. Slowly, slowly, slowly. I don't like to sit around idle so this has been very hard for me!


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