Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Starting out with goals

I am not one to make resolutions, as such. But there are some things I'd like to try to move toward this year with my quilting! Last year was sort of a "get back in the swing" refresher course. I jumped in to some quick online swaps and a bee, all of which helped me build a new stash! This year I would like to  take a little bit more time with designing my quilts, and possibly to be a little bit more detailed in what I choose to do. This past year I felt like I was simply banging out the quilts. I was happy with what I produced, but I feel like they were too simple. I know I am capable of more. I have some things to get off my plate (and design wall) before I can move on to new ideas. Who doesn't like new ideas, right?? This will require some discipline!

I did finish 4 quilts in 2012. One was a really old WIP, 2 were given as gifts, and one was a holiday quilt. So, tops on my list for 2013 is to finish a quilt that can be used by my family year round. This is already underway, but has been stalled on my design wall for far too long! I thought I might want to make it bigger, but felt daunted by the number of 4" blocks I would need to complete. Also, the thought  of rearranging what I had to keep the balanced scrappiness was not so appealing... But, I need to finish it. Suck it up and get to sewing!

NUMBER 1 - Brown and Blue scrap/lap quilt

Second, I have one quilt at the flimsy stage that I need to get quilted and bound. It's been waiting for about 6 months already - yikes. I have a pieced back for it, and I think I like the back better than the front. It is simple and modern and uses one test  block that I eliminated for use on the front.

NUMBER 2 - Red and black quilt

This next one is the result of one of those Flickr swaps I jumped in on... my Bow Tie Swap Quilt. I ended up adding plenty of extra blocks so I could get this up to a twin size. It needs its borders added, quilted and bound. This one may be held as a possible donation quilt, but I'd like it off my plate!

NUMBER 3 - Bow Ties twin quilt

My final 1st quarter project that I'd like to complete is a little quilt I designed. It has curves and was cut with templates. I don't know why I have been putting this off so long - It is only 16 blocks!

NUMBER 4 - Leaf mini quilt

I also have a pillow to finish up.
NUMMBER 5 - Odds and Ends Poinsettia Pillow

To help keep me motivated to move these projects to the finished pile, I am excited to be joining in with Leanne's Q1 Finish-a-Long. Looks like some great prizes are out there for completed projects! 

she can quilt

Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!


  1. Great projects to be finished! I especially love the red and black quilt. The two blocks in the center pop and make it extra fun!

    1. Thanks! It was an experiment that I am not completely happy with. But I definitely learned to make test blocks to get the effect I am going for. I'll take that experience forward, so its all good.