Thursday, December 13, 2012

Productive and FUN!

This past weekend I went to Quilt Camp in Michigan. It was a really fun weekend with great classes and a lot of interesting projects and fabric to look at! As I had hoped, the ladies were all friendly and there was a lot of sharing, positive commenting and suggestions. Lots of great finished tops too!

(and THIS one above - made from thrift store men's shirts!)


I participated in all of the classes and learned something new in each one. We started out with Faith's Poinsettia paper piecing project. This one was a detailed project, which challenged me! I knew I had to complete the piecing before I went home, or it would be one of those WIPs that would sit in a box and I would have to really push myself to complete. So I pieced, and I worked, and I pieced and I worked some more! It took me a lot of hours, but it was so worth it! Here is my WIP pillow:

Then we all made bags from Jeni's drawstring bag pattern. I ended up making 3 bags with Hanukkah fabric which can be re-used night after night for those little gifts. Very eco-friendly!

Next, it was improv with Heather. This was a fun and freeing class. I completed a wonky log cabin block that will end up being made into a Christmas wall hanging. Yes, it's confusing - we celebrate both holidays at our house! Mine is the big one at bottom right in Red/green and white:

And finally, Brenda held an English Paper Piecing Class. I was interested to see how it's done, but I did not actually spend any time giving it a try. I wanted to complete that Poinsettia pattern!

I also worked on putting together my Bow tie blocks from a Flickr swap this summer, and also on a low volume quilt that I designed. All in all it was a really great time. Working in the midst of some very creative ladies, stretching your skills, and getting to know some new friends is so refreshing!

Now, on to the last of the holiday craziness...

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