Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Starting on my Swap Tote

I've pulled a stack of fabrics and I think I may even have an idea for the design of the tote bag for Mouthy Stitches 2. You can read about this Flickr Swap here.

We have a secret partner that we're making a tote bag for, and one that will be making a tote bag for us. The trick is to find out about your partner's likes and dislikes by checking out their favorites in flickr, and their blog if they have one, and then make a tote that they will love!

Here is my stack of pulled fabrics:

I have posted this on the flickr group in hopes that I'll get feedback from the right person letting me know I am headed in a good direction!

I may just make one of the totes in my head for myself as well. This group of fabrics happens to make me happy too!

Hoping I get some good comments so I can move forward to sewing this week.

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