Thursday, July 19, 2012

Christmas in July

Have you seen all of the Christmas in July posts this month? I recently saw the new Kaufmann Line "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and I could not resist. I loved the Grinch as a kid, and of course my boys love the Grinch too! So, I figured that I could make us a quick Christmas quilt using fabric from that line, using the panels as a jumping off point. I'd like to try a little bit of improv piecing. Wouldn't that fit with the Seuss style? Perhaps some wonky log cabins or stars in between each panel. This will definitely mean stepping outside my comfort zone!

Some of the graphics on the fabric I think are not from the Grinch Christmas special we all love. Perhaps they are taken from the illustrations in the book, but I don't remember the scenes. I think I will try to stick with the scenes I loved best! I have got to include the Roast Beast scene, and the ones with the dog Max getting that huge heavy antler strapped to his little head. Love that! I only wish there was an image of the grinch's heart "growing three sizes that day" and busting out of its little frame. That would be cute!

And I have ideas for that panel that looks like the front of the actual Grinch book. Thinking I'll save that one and make something special for the elementary school librarian who I have worked with as Volunteer Coordinator for many years. Maybe a children's book quilt? Some Eric Carle, some Ed Emberly, other Seuss fabrics? I'm sure I can collect some other fabrics based on kids books too!

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  1. Just found your blog. Last year . . . Dec & Jan? I helped a friend improv piece a quilt using the Seuss fabric. It was SO FUN!!! You can see it here: