Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camp Preparation

I've been enjoying the last few weeks with no schedule and nowhere to be. Next week, however, is my boys' week away at Boy Scout Camp. Preparing for this seems like it takes forever! I went to three different stores in the last two days hoping to find a battery-operated fan for my husband to use while he's there for a few days. Otherwise, he threatened to steal one from the kids! Thankfully I found one today. Whew! Also had to pick up the candy that is used for money in the troop poker tournament. Ahh yes, male bonding.

In between camp prep I've been working a little on a bunch of WIPs. Liberty and Justice Bee blocks are done, and I think they turned out nicely. I hope Marian likes them!

I also finally got off my tush and forced myself to work on my niece's quilt (See here). I am still unsure of how I want to proceed, but at least the pieces are off my living room floor and are beginning to come together!

Yesterday, I made a bunch of portable (Small) design boards with individual pieces of Foam core. I picked up a vinyl tablecloth which was plain white and has a flannel backing. I flipped it over and stapled it to the foam board and Voila- Design surface! I made 4 of them each 2 x 3 feet. I still have some of the tablecloth material left and could probably make 2 more. I got the boards at Michael's for half price so all together it cost me about $9. I can see how I will not be able to believe I ever pieced a quilt without these things!

I also began the slow process of cutting out pieces for a quilt I designed. It has a lot of curved pieces, and so it requires templates. Yuck. I am so spoiled by rotary cutting. So I decided that if I cut it out one color at a time, and I didn't make myself crazy with it... eventually I'll be ready to sew something. I have gotten through 3 colors so far. I have one more color that requires templates, and then I have some stuff that I can do with the rotary. Yea!


  1. Love your bee squares!

    1. Thanks... They went quick and they were fun to do. I bet they will all make a really nice scrappy quilt! I'm looking at block patterns for my month and I'm finding it very hard to choose! Glad I have a bit of time to decide.

  2. I like your blocks, these were my first triangle blocks so I wasnt as creative as I wish I could have been now that I see yours. Great job.