Friday, May 4, 2012

Warming up

Well, it has been a while since I've really sewed, so I thought to myself, hmmm.... Maybe it's me, and not the machine. Yep. I had the bobbin thread going the wrong way. Seems that it worked ok until the thread started to get low and then it was horrible. All is good now, and I sewed a bit yesterday with even correct tension! Yippee!

There are 18 blocks (9 each of the Variable Star and what I'm calling the pinwheel star) in the last "round" on the red and black quilt and I am hoping to have half of them done by the end of today. I have all of the variable star blocks underway (HSTs sewed). And I have 4 blocks nearly completed. I'd love to get all of the pinwheel blocks done over the weekend so I can get the top completed!

I have way too many ideas running around in my head and I'm getting a bit restless with this quilt. It's fine, and it was a good warm up project to work out the kinks in my brain and my machine, but it's not me. Not colors I love, not a style I really love either. It's fine, but I'd like to move on now!

Oh, and my ankle needs an MRI to see if it is really fractured, not just a sprain. Another week of non-weight bearing until I have the MRI and get back to the doctor. I don't even know what I'm hoping for at this stage.

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