Saturday, May 5, 2012

Only 8 blocks to go

I finished my Variable Star blocks yesterday. I got in a groove and finished up faster than I expected. That  gives me hope that I will also be able to finish the last 8 pinwheel blocks this weekend! Yea.

I am thinking of trying to go out to a local shop today that is having a sale and see if I can find some good backing fabric. I have an idea for the back of the quilt to use up two tester blocks that did not work from a value perspective. If I can find some 108" fabric, I will only need 1.5 yards and it will be simple to put together! Fingers crossed. Here are the two blocks that seemed "too gray" for the center of the front.

And a trip to pick up some new dress pants for my twins who will be attending a friend's BarMitzvah next weekend. Need time to hem if necessary!

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