Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Simple is good. Very, very good.

I started on this top over the weekend and finished by adding the top and bottom strips of small squares last night. It went as I had planned it - simple and easy. I wanted to focus on the prints by leaving them in large pieces since they are very cute. As soon as I saw the bugs in the jars - I just had to have them! 

As usual, I wanted to add a bit of fabric that was not from the Michael Miller Backyard Baby line by Patty Sloniger. This will be given to my new nephew when he arrives in the US from India (fingers crossed - sometime this summer!). He is not an infant, so I pumped up the color with some bright blender fabrics that I thought looked more like toddler than infant. Also added a bit of contrast with thin 1" strips of Kona Coal that I had left over from the red and black quilt backing I finished a few weeks ago. 6 inch squares and a few 4-patch blocks make for a quick assembly! 


I don't have much fabric left from the brights, so it will be interesting to see what I can scrap together for a back. I do have some of the dot fabric from the line that I did not use in the top. Perhaps that will be a good binding.  Now to go about finding a longarm quilter.... Do I just risk it and pick someone off the internet? Seems smarter to visit a local shop and ask for recommendations, doesn't it? Better get on it, since school is about to let out and I really do not look forward to taking three boys on a quilt shop outing. 

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