Thursday, May 31, 2012

Much better!

Linking up to TNT Thursday at Happy Quilting!


You know how sometimes, although a design might be OK, its just not striking you? And, although the purpose of this particular quilt isn't to do some earth-shattering new design, it still has to feel "right" to me before I start sewing these pieces together. This has been a new type of process for me with the charm pack. This is the first pre-cut pack I have ever used. EVER!  I added a few additional fabrics in the same colors to extend the number of HSTs I would have to work with. My only plan was to create all of these HSTs and then see where it took me. In the past, while I have never followed anyone else's pattern, I have ALWAYS planned out the design on paper/computer before I start cutting into any fabric, and I'm not usually a scrappy type quilter either. Its a good thing to be outside my comfort zone for a minute! I woke up this morning with a clearer picture of what I wanted - Less predictability with the color, but still a definite organizational component.

This one has that "feel good" aspect to it for me. I still might do a bit of shifting around with some of the pieces with respect to values or hues but I'm much happier with this now! Yeah!


  1. Very nice! I have some of that fabric too, I didn't know how nice it would look in a scrappy layout!

  2. I love that layout!! Aren't HST's the greatest. You can just play with them forever :) And I am so glad you gave pre-cuts a try. I love how much time they save me cutting :) Thanks for linking up :)

    1. Yes, I will probably start to use pre-cuts for certain types of projects. HSTs do offer so many options.

  3. Love that layout! HSTs are soooo much fun to play with and I have a feeling you'll be hooked on charm packs now! They are fun!