Thursday, May 24, 2012

Staying Cool

This is really more a question of BEING cool - or not.  I am hoping that this water bottle holster will be a "cool" thing, and not a reason for my kids to take some ribbing on their upcoming school trip. It is three days of touring historical sites and amusement parks and they are required to carry a refillable water bottle.

What do you think? Is this going to be OK for my 7th grade boys? The strap is removable and so this could be clipped to a belt loop with a carabiner clip instead - Less man-purse-ish that way? Problem is that the athletic shorts don't come with belt loops....

I used the tutorial here and modified it to fit our larger bottles. Mine have a lightweight denim lining, and I decided to add a flap to the top of the pocket. I also put a pleat in the pocket to allow more depth for a small sunscreen stick or a pair of sunglasses/clips. The strap has a thin layer of batting inside for extra comfort.

Fingers crossed that these get the stamp of approval or otherwise I might be sporting some camo with skulls!

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