Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finally a top!

I finally finished the last of the blocks, sewed the rows together, and this morning completed the top! I now need to determine if I want to add some deep red or black borders to bring it up to twin size, or leave it as a couch-quilt. It is currently 60 x 72.

Here it is! Got a moment (without wind) to photograph it outside:

It is bold and I think it turned out well. Technically I am happy - points are pretty crisp, and I had no problems putting it together. All the blocks were a consistent size!

I am very glad I switched out the center two blocks. They provide a bit of a focal point without standing out too much. The first ones I had, which I may use as part of the back, would have been far too gray for what I was going for.

All in all, a great "warm-up" project after a long quilting hiatus!

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