Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blocks are completed - YES!

Phew! It took me an extra week to get the last 8 blocks done. Of course I was without spouse all week, and doing things like getting MRIs and finding out that I in fact did break my ankle in that skiing accident. I guess its understandable that I didn't sew much at all.

I am very glad to have all of the blocks finished and I hope to get some time to sew tomorrow. Once I get them together, I have to decide if I want to add about 6" borders to the quilt to make it more of a useable twin size or if it's OK the way it is. Since I'm not in love with it, I may leave it and move on to the backing. Still need to find the right fabric so I can put together what's in my head for that. I need to figure out who I should send this to for quilting. This is a new area for me, so this quilt will be a trial run!

Then I think I will make a quick quilt for the new nephew that my brother and his wife are waiting patiently to adopt from India. They could get notice to go pretty much at any time now, so I think that should be my next undertaking. I bought a bunch of Michael Miller Backyard Baby fabric after falling for the bugs in jars fabric. I'll be adding a bunch of blenders in brighter shades to give the quilt some pop! It will be a simple design, but hopefully they will be happy. (Of course I will have to do something equally cool for big sister, won't I?)

Happy Mother's Day!

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