Monday, April 30, 2012

Bitten again by the Quilting Bug

I used to quilt... then I had twins. Then I had another child. Three boys, a job and an entrepreneur husband with a start-up company... and quilting went by the wayside. But there was this quilt top that I had tucked away for the past 15 years that called me once in a while from that high shelf in the closet. It was one that I had worked on with 5 other ladies - none of whom I knew. I had boldly signed up to participate in a progressive border swap via AOL's quilting message boards. Boy have things changed since then!

Recently I had the opportunity to spend the day in Lancaster while my twins were at a scouting event. I decided to explore a few quilt shops and see if I could find someone to hand quilt this old top for me.  I was recommended to stop in at a local amish farm and ask them to finish my top for me. This lovely woman was excited about the top, which includes both patchwork and applique and has a white, blue and yellow theme. Her excitement was contagious.

Next thing I knew I was buying fabric for a new project, hauling out the sewing machine and cutting fabric!

Here's what I've been piecing...

Hopefully this time around the quilting will continue! My mind is racing with new (more modern) ideas already.

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