Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Country Quilterie

Today I took a little drive to visit a quilt shop called the Country Quilterie that's not too far (20 miles is not too far for a quilt shop, right?) from our Pocono house. The shop is in Effort, PA. Of course I knew going in that there WOULD be purchases made!!!!

The shop is in a small building behind a charming little shopping area. The owner was in, and she was working on a baby quilt using flannels in soft pinks and greens - very pretty.  I browsed around for a while and picked out some more "low volume" fabrics for my collection that I'm intending to use for a king size scrap quilt. Yes, well, I don't have nearly enough "scraps" in these types of fabrics, so I'm collecting.

I also picked up a text print fabric from the American Valor line from Marcus Fabrics. I'm sure I can use it for the Liberty and Justice bee blocks.

And finally, my impulse buy was a ski racing print.
Since my husband and one of my sons have raced at Nastar Nationals the last two years, I just had to pick up a yard. I know I'll figure out a way to use it!  Here is my son from 2011 and the 2012 race:
Not too much sewing has gotten done this vacation week. We have been painting the new deck, and teaching to boys how to paint has really been fun. Not.

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