Sunday, August 12, 2012

Squeezing in sewing time

I have been running this week to appointments - Orthopedist, Physical Therapy, Orthodontist, Play dates for all three kids, and a day with my sister. Now we are up in the Poconos for a weekend with my in-laws. So, packing up for that too.

I did a few little things this week in my in-between moments - finished my August block for the Liberty and Justice Bee and sent it off...

Made one more wonky block for my Grinch Quilt...

...and that was about it. Hopefully this week and next I will be able to carve out a little more time for sewing. I still need to get the last of the templates cut for the quilt I designed. I only have one more color to go and then I can do the rotary part of the cutting, which should go very quickly.

I am also working on clearing out my office space and converting it to dedicated sewing space. I have had a laptop for a while now, and I find that its much more convenient to have it on the main floor of the house. The "office" is in the basement. I now use the computer on a small antique desk that I inherited when my grandma passed away last year. It makes me happy to use it, and it is a great size for the laptop! When my clean out and conversion is done, I will share!


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  2. Love the blocks that you did get to work on.

    1. Thanks! That Warden's Cross block was fun, but it was hard for me to know what it would come out looking like when I was choosing fabrics. I was happy with what I did, but maybe if I get a chance to make her another one I'll choose one fabric with a bit more of a bold pattern.